shenzhen optics forest Co.,Ltd

shenzhen optics forest Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen optics forest Co.,Ltd regards talents as the company's most valuable resources. We provide various positions at different levels and with different functions. We look forward to the joining of outstanding talents with strong sense of responsibility, good judgment and professional optical knowledge. The company will provide a platform for those who are brave to take responsibility and are willing to succeed through hard work to fully display their talents and potential.

We look forward to your joining. The company is now recruiting the following talents for business expansion:

Overseas Sales Engineer

Job requirements:

1. Proficient in English, able to communicate with overseas customers freely in English

2. Bachelor degree or above, 1-3 years of sales experience in optical communication industry

3. Careful, down-to-earth and hardworking, with a strong sense of responsibility

4. Outgoing personality, good communication ability and professional optical knowledge

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